Genetics and the dreaded D word….

I have know for some time now that being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes was always a possibility. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes with both of my pregnancies even though they were 3 years apart. Christmas morningI could definitely tell that the GD was worse with Aurora’s pregnancy I needed way more insulin then with Mackenzie’s pregnancy and it just seemed way harder to keep my numbers under control.  Plus my mother was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 4 years ago. So when I have the dreaded glucose test at my 6 week follow up appointment after Aurora I had sort of mentally prepared myself to fail it. Something inside me just knew the results were not going to be great and I would have to start dealing with the diabetes thing all over again.  My intuition was right I failed the test and my ob referred me to an Endocrinologist .

When I finally got in to see the Endo he thought it was a good idea to test my A1C along with a few others just to see exactly where I stood. The results were I was considered pre diabetic and my vitamin D levels were low. That was in April so he wanted me to be tested again in November. Even though I was expected the results to not be great that still didn’t take away the sting from the Diabetes diagnoses. I am considered a full blown diabetic now and now it was time to get a little more aggressive with the treatment. I would still stay on Metformin but he also wanted me to start taking Invokana  I’m hoping this combination of medication along with diet and exercise can keep it from getting worse. But now I need to be concerned that the new medication can make my potassium levels rise too high. There really just doesn’t seem to be an easy fix anymore. I guess the easy fix would have been to not end up in this situation in the first place. But since that isn’t a possibility anymore I’m hoping this new plan will help get me moving in the right direction.

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