2013 The year review in pictures

It’s so hard to believe 2013 is over and today is the very first day of 2014. 2013 seemed to go by at light speed and I honestly feel like the years are just going to keep going  faster and faster now that we have two little ones who I would love to stay little forever. But since that’s not possible I thought it would be a great idea to do a 2013 year review in pictures since I have no shortage of them.

Sleeping BeautyIt’s still so hard to believe she was ever this little. It really seems like it was all just a dream and as sad as it makes me I still love to look as these pictures of her. She still always looks so serious when she sleeps.





sistersMackenzie has always loved being the center of attention so I know having to now share that attention with her younger sister has been really tough for her. But I’ve always tried to get lots of pictures of them together as well as separate but since she is older now she doesn’t always like to cooperate when its picture taking time.



Are these people really my relatives


The expression on her face explains it all so very well and whats even better is the saying on her onesie goes with her expression even more. I sometimes have that same look on my face when I think about my relatives too.


Lifes a beachWe may have struggled financially this last year but we still managed to have lots of fun family adventures. Aurora got to have her very first beach day and played not only in the sand but also in the lake.  She seemed to love both so much which is so different from her older sister. When Mackenzie was younger she cried when ever we put her in the sand. I’m not sure if it just felt too warm to her or if she just didn’t like the feeling of the sand between her toes but she has grown to love the beach just like her father and I.


ChubkinsMy chubkins, she was about 5 months old in this picture and I miss her chub so much! She is slowly loosing it as she gets older and more mobile. All that’s really left is her chunky little thighs.




Wanted ... a bigger lapA few days after we brought Aurora home from the hospital Jason took a picture of both girls on my lap and every few months I have made sure to take another one. It’ll be fun in years to come to see all of these pictures and I can’t wait to show them to the girls too.  I just love my two girls so much and I don’t think I will ever be able to find the words to express how blessed and lucky I feel that I am the one they call mama.




2013-08-06_11-19-39_675It seems the more pictures I take of Mackenzie the more her personality starts to come out. She is definitely a little character and she makes sure everyone knows it.





sleepy babies


I love watching my girls sleep. Sometimes I feel like that is absolutely the only time they are completely still. I wonder what they dream of when they are sleeping. They look so unbelievably peaceful and I hope they never loose that as they get older.




There are so many more pictures I want to post but today is slipping away and I’m running out of time to actually get this up on January 1st so I think I will end this post with a family picture that was taken on Thanksgiving.


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