#Throwback Thursday

yeaaahMackenzie’s personality has always shined through even when she was a itty bitty. This picture is from Easter 2011 she was so excited to see all the Easter eggs and hunt for them in GG’s backyard.  Hard to believe this was over 2 years ago.

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Wordless Wednesday

Christmas Magic

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Brachycephaly Update…..First follow up & measurements


Aurora had her first follow up appointment this past week and Jill didn’t waste anytime taking measurements of her head. I was very excited to find out how much progress she has made in the last month. I know its been something because when I take her helmet off for her usual helmet free hour you can actually see how round her head is getting.  What a great surprise when she told me her head is as wide as it is long now and has grown 6mm. Jill told me if she keeps going like this she will meet her goal by June. These kind of results help me realize that we made the right decision when it comes to the helmet. I must admit there are still days where I look at her and feel a little sad because she has to wear the helmet 23 hours a day but she honestly doesn’t even realize its there most of the time and there have even been a few times I’ve been really happy she had the helmet on. She gets so rough and it ends up being a crash helmet. It has definitely saved us from needing to go get her looked at because she knocked her head so hard she wouldn’t stop crying. studying My sister has nick named her my little bruiser. I’m unbelievably excited to see the end results of her helmet wearing for 7 months. I can already see tons of improvement and June will be here before we know it.

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#Throwback Thursday

I’ve seen the hashtag #TB and #throwbackthursday used around Twitter and Instagram on a weekly basis and I thought it would be a great idea to start doing Throw back Thursdays on my blog. It’s a way to not only get me looking at old pictures while strolling down memory lane but I think it’ll also get me to be more accountable on actually posting on a regular basis.  Since both girls birthdays were this past week I thought today would be a perfect opportunity to share some  pictures of when I was pregnant with both of them.

15760_1240833911301_1192303_n35 weeks pregnant with Mackenzie up until that point no one even believed that I was pregnant most of the time. I guess my almost 6 foot frame was very good at hiding that fact.


I was around 34 weeks pregnant with Aurora in this picture. This is one of my favorite pictures from my maternity shoot while pregnant with her. I loved it so much I got a canvas made.

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Wordless Wednesday

20Yesterday was Aurora’s first birthday. Jason & I made a devils food cake with home made cinnamon cream cheese frosting and let her have a piece since she was so good at her 1 year wellness check up. She wasn’t sure what to think at first but once she started she didn’t want to stop. I loved watching her not only explore the cake & frosting but also  enjoy her birthday cake.

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My Last 1st Birthday

There really is no way someone can prepare you for how you will feel when you see your baby for the very first time. Laying your eyes on that precious little miracle you have been carrying around for 9 months is something that you can only experience. A mother’s love, there really is absolutely nothing like it & nothing you can compare it too. It must be experienced, it can’t be described to you & you can never truly be prepared for it.  When you finally get to feel it for the very first time and each time you have another child completely understand what its like to have your heart walking around outside of your body.


December 17, 2013  today is the day we celebrate our last 1st birthday. Aurora turned 1 year old today and its still so hard for me to believe . Where did this last year go, it feels like I just blinked and here we are but how is that even possible?  DSC_0675The days seem so long but the year has been so short. With every milestone celebration there was a little piece of me that mourned as her babyhood slowly slipped further away. While I did our usual nightly routine last night I lost it. The tears started flowing and when she looked up at me with those eyes they started coming even harder. My baby isn’t a baby anymore and the realization of that was just too much to bare. She has made our family feel complete but there is still that small feeling of sadness. No more late night feedings, itty bitty baby clothes, precious little baby coos or countless hours of her snuggled up on my chest while she slept the day away.

20121230_184959I feel so very blessed to have this little one call me mama and I’m not sure I will ever be able to come up with the right words to tell her how I feel but I do hope to some day sit her down and tell her how hard & how long we tried to get pregnant and when we finally did we couldn’t have been any happier.

I’m sure as the years pass & each birthday we celebrate with you I will shed a few more tears. I think that is just something that comes along with the happiness & celebrations. I am so very excited to see what the years have in store for us all. How your personality will blossom & take shape into the person you will be to what your little voice will sound like. But I will always treasure the many moments, seeing you smile for the very first time, hearing you belly laugh for the very first time while you watched your older sister make a complete fool of herself, you discovering your voice and screeching in delight to remind us you are still there playing on the floor to you giggling & smiling to yourself as you play peek-a-boo.  Countless memories I look forward to sharing with you when you get older. 3
Every moment whether big or small matters in this crazy roller coaster ride we call life & it seems so silly & simple but I need to stop and enjoy the little things more!

Birthday Cake Fun

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Wordless Wednesday… Holiday Traditions

Holiday togetherness

I’ve always loved family traditions so it just seemed like a perfect idea to create some of our own family traditions once we had the girls. One tradition I started last year was taking pictures of the girls in matching pajamas in front of the Christmas tree. Not only is it a pretty easy tradition for us to do every year during the holiday season but I think it will be something fun for the girls to look back on when they get older and may start to annoy each other more then enjoy each others company. Plus its a way for Jason and I to emphasize that the holiday season isn’t so much about receiving gifts as it is about spending time with the people you love.

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